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Обложка книги A Brig of War A Brig of War

 Автор: Woodman Richard

 Серия: Nathaniel Drinkwater

In A Brig of War, Nathaniel Drinkwater is promoted lieutenant of the brig HELLEBORE. He finds routine convoy escort duties end abruptly when Admiral Nelson, pursuing the French fleet to Egypt, sends HELLEBORE to the Red Sea with an urgent warning to the British squadron there. However, Nelson's apprehensions over French ambitions in the East are more than justified. Edouard Santhonax, Drinkwater's old enemy, is already preparing for a French descent on India. The hunt for this elusive Frenchman and his frigate is combined with British naval operations on the flank of Napoleon's Egyptian campaign. It is during the attack on Kosseir that Drinkwater is left for dead. His escape and the subsequent desperate attack on Santhonax leads to a still more dangerous situation under Augustus Morris, former tyrant of the midshipmen's berth on HMS CYCLOPS.

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Обложка книги A Call to Arms A Call to Arms

 Автор: Mallinson Allan

 Серия: Matthew Hervey

1817 and 1818 have not been good years for Matthew Hervey. His beloved wife Henrietta is dead and he is no longer in the Sixth regiment. Now he is kicking his heels in a corrupt and unruly England far removed from its once glorious past. 1819 sees Hervey in Rome with his sister Elizabeth where a chance meeting with man of letters Percy Bysshe Shelley leads him to rethink his future. Realizing just how much he misses the excitement of military action and the camaraderie of his regiment, Hervey hurriedly purchases a new commission and is refitted for the uniform of the 6th Light Dragoons. Hervey’s most immediate task is to raise a new troop and to organize transport, for his men and horses are to set sail for India with immediate effect.

What Hervey and his greenhorn soldiers cannot know is that in India they will face one of their toughest trials. A large number of Burmese warboats are being assembled near the headwaters of the river leading to Chittagong, and the only way to thwart their advance involves an arduous and hazardous march through jungle territory. What begins as a relatively simple operation becomes a journey into the heart of darkness, as Hervey and his troop find themselves in the midst of hot and bloody action once more.

From the Hardcover edition.

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Обложка книги A Close Run Thing A Close Run Thing

 Автор: Mallinson Allan

 Серия: Matthew Hervey

Обложка книги A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

 Автор: Twain Mark

Обложка книги A Forbidden History.The Hadrian enigma A Forbidden History.The Hadrian enigma

 Автор: Gardiner George


Обложка книги A King's Cutter A King's Cutter

 Автор: Woodman Richard

 Серия: Nathaniel Drinkwater

The second book in the Nathaniel Drinkwater series.

Midshipman Drinkwater is back in the Navy in 1792, appointed to the 12-gun cutter Kestral. Off the French coast, the Kestral becomes involved in the secret and dangerous adventures linked with the rescuing of emigres. Drinkwater plays a vital role in the landing of agents.

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Обложка книги A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains

 Автор: Bird Isabella L

A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains" by Isabella L Bird (1831 — 1904) represents a series of the author’s letters to her sister, written during her journey to Colorado. In a six-month period of time she covered over a thousand miles alone, riding a horse, often without any appointed destination. The book is actually a detailed record of this fascinating experience filled with beautiful, vivid descriptions of the scenery, the people she met, their way of life. Among others was "Rocky Mountain Jim" Nugent, a rough man, whom she portrayed as an "awful looking a ruffian as one could see”, but who became her guide and companion, and appears in the book in a romantic outlook. A well brought-up young lady, she rode through the American West, wearing Hawaiian riding dress, climbed mountains and helped with grazing.

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Обложка книги A private revenge A private revenge

 Автор: Вудмен Ричард

 Серия: Nathaniel Drinkwater

In the aftermath of a typhoon, Captain Nathaniel Drinkwater brings His Britannic Majesty's frigate Patrician into the shelter of the Pearl River on the China coast. Seeking the means to refit, he is unwittingly entangled in bizarre events following the British occupation of Macao and Admiral Drury's attack on Canton.

Initially relieved to be assigned the straightforward duty of a convoy escort to Penang, Captain Drinkwater quickly discovers that the convoy's cargo con­tains a mysterious quantity of silver and a single passenger. An apparently routine task is suddenly complicated by the resurrection of an old, embittered hatred, and Captain Drinkwater finds himself drawn inexorably by treachery, greed, perversity, and cruelty towards a climactic rendezvous in the remote tropical rain forest of Borneo.

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Обложка книги A Regimental Affair A Regimental Affair

 Автор: Mallinson Allan

 Серия: Matthew Hervey

ALLAN MALLINSON’S A Close Run Thing and Honorable Company stirred readers and critics with the military adventures of young Captain Matthew Hervey at the Battle of Waterloo and amid the harsh terrain and treacherous intrigues of India. Now, in 1817, Hervey returns to an England whose hard-won peace is shaken by the distress and discord of its people. And even as he is caught up in the turbulent dawn of a new era, he must combat a deliberate attempt to orchestrate his own ruin.

The honors he won in India fell short of Captain Matthew Hervey’s deepest desire — to return to his beloved 6th Light Dragoons. But now circumstances allow him to resume command of the unit — and to marry the beautiful Lady Henrietta Lindsay, whom he has loved since childhood. Meanwhile, however, his soldier’s heart is pierced by the sight of men in British scarlet crippled in the service of king and country, now forgotten and cast off, reduced to begging and petty crime. It is no wonder that rabble-rousers clamor for reform and that lawlessness is erupting everywhere, from the cities to the countryside.

As for Hervey’s own cavalry, guarding Regency Brighton and ambushing French smugglers in midnight coves, he finds them, too, vastly changed. Their new lieutenant colonel, Lord Towcester, is a cold-eyed martinet — vain, inept, and bigoted — who cares less for the welfare of his men than for keeping the shine on their gleaming brass buttons. Moreover, it soon becomes clear that he will stop at nothing to bring about Hervey’s disgrace and downfall. For in this young officer, a war hero and former aide-de-camp to the Duke of Wellington, Towcester sees all that he himself once forfeited through cowardice.

But the scandal that haunts Towcester is an old and secret one and to expose it would cost Hervey his rank, the command of his beloved Sixth — and the means to support his radiant, passionate bride. Even the charming and determined Henrietta, not above a little politicking in high places to right wrongs, is unable to diplomatically put a stop to Towcester’s vendetta.

As the Industrial Revolution builds and food riots give way to rioting Luddite mobs, Hervey’s troop is posted to counter the threat of a general insurrection. But his field tactics and peacekeeping vision are jeopardized by enemies both within and without. And then fate calls his regiment to the dark frozen wastes of a distant frontier, where another people’s way of life is being destroyed by the march of change, and where tragedy and bloodshed will force a showdown between Hervey and his nemesis.

A Regimental Affair is a stunning tapestry of vivid characters, rousing action, and authentic historical detail that re-creates a world of polite English drawing rooms, poverty-stricken London streets, and frozen battlefields, where human passion and blind fate give birth to the destiny of a nation — and a hero.

From the Hardcover edition.

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Обложка книги A Ship of the Line A Ship of the Line

 Автор: Forester Cecil Scott

 Серия: Hornblower, Horatio Hornblower Series

May 1810, seventeen years deep into the Napoleonic Wars. Captain Horatio Hornblower is newly in command of his first ship of the line, the seventy-four-gun HMS Sutherland, which he deems “the ugliest and least desirable two-decker in the Navy List.” Moreover, she is 250 men short of a full crew, so Hornblower must enlist and train “poachers, bigamists, sheepstealers,” and other landlubbers. By the time the Sutherland reaches the blockaded Catalonian coast of Spain, the crew is capable of staging five astonishing solo raids against the French. But the grisly prospect of defeat and capture looms for both captain and crew as the Sutherland single-handedly takes on four French ships.

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Обложка книги Agincourt Agincourt

 Автор: Cornwell Bernard

“The greatest writer of historical adventures today” (Washington Post) tackles his richest, most thrilling subject yet—the heroic tale of Agincourt.

Young Nicholas Hook is dogged by a cursed past—haunted by what he has failed to do and banished for what he has done. A wanted man in England, he is driven to fight as a mercenary archer in France, where he finds two things he can love: his instincts as a fighting man, and a girl in trouble. Together they survive the notorious massacre at Soissons, an event that shocks all Christendom. With no options left, Hook heads home to England, where his capture means certain death. Instead he is discovered by the young King of England—Henry V himself—and by royal command he takes up the longbow again and dons the cross of Saint George. Hook returns to France as part of the superb army Henry leads in his quest to claim the French crown. But after the English campaign suffers devastating early losses, it becomes clear that Hook and his fellow archers are their king’s last resort in a desperate fight against an enemy more daunting than they could ever have imagined.

One of the most dramatic victories in British history, the battle of Agincourt—immortalized by Shakespeare in Henry V—pitted undermanned and overwhelmed English forces against a French army determined to keep their crown out of Henry’s hands. Here Bernard Cornwell resurrects the legend of the battle and the “band of brothers” who fought it on October 25, 1415. An epic of redemption, Agincourt follows a commoner, a king, and a nation’s entire army on an improbable mission to test the will of God and reclaim what is rightfully theirs. From the disasters at the siege of Harfleur to the horrors of the field of Agincourt, this exhilarating story of survival and slaughter is at once a brilliant work of history and a triumph of imagination—Bernard Cornwell at his best.

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Обложка книги Altar of Blood Altar of Blood

 Автор: Riches Anthony

 Серия: Empire

Обложка книги American’ец American’ец

 Автор: Миропольский Дмитрий Владимирович

Виртуозный карточный шулер, блестящий стрелок и непревзойдённый фехтовальщик, он с оружием в руках защищал Отечество и собственную честь, бывал разжалован и отчаянной храбростью возвращал себе чины с наградами. Он раскланивался с публикой из театральной ложи, когда со сцены о нём говорили: «Ночной разбойник, дуэлист, / В Камчатку сослан был, вернулся алеутом, / И крепко на руку не чист; /Да умный человек не может быть не плутом». Он обманом участвовал в первом русском кругосветном плавании, прославился как воин и покоритель женских сердец на трёх континентах, изумлял современников татуировкой и прошёл всю Россию с востока на запад. Он был потомком старинного дворянского рода и лучшим охотником в племени дикарей, он был прототипом книжных героев и героем салонных сплетен — знаменитый авантюрист граф Фёдор Иванович Толстой по прозванию Американец.

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Обложка книги An Evil Spirit Out of the West An Evil Spirit Out of the West

 Автор: Doherty Paul

 Серия: Egyptian Mysteries

Обложка книги An Experiment in Treason An Experiment in Treason

 Автор: Alexander Bruce

 Серия: Sir John Fielding

Обложка книги An Eye of the Fleet An Eye of the Fleet

 Автор: Woodman Richard

 Серия: Nathaniel Drinkwater

The first book in the Nathaniel Drinkwater series.

Tells of the rise in the 1780s of Nathanial Drinkwater to the rank of Lieutenant in the Navy. Prior to promotion he saves a young seaman from the brutal attentions of a depraved midshipman and in the process, wins the love of a parson's daughter.

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Обложки нет André

 Автор: Sand George

Обложка книги Anthony Adverse, volume one Anthony Adverse, volume one

 Автор: Allen Hervey

3-volume novel traces the fortunes of its hero, Anthony Adverse, from his illegitimate birth through his struggle to claim his rightful inheritance. Many ocean sequences.

Anthony Adverse was a love-child begotten in France, born in the Alps and reared in Italy, then launched upon a life of adventure. This is his story.

Anthony was the name the nuns gave the naked and squalling newborn child they found abandoned at their convent gate. They knew nothing of his past, of the star-crossed lovers who were his parents nor of the violent events which made him an orphan.

Playing his solitary games at the fountain in the convent courtyard, the child grew. He did not know enough of the outside world even to dream of the voyages and adventures that would be his nor of the women who would love him.

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Обложка книги Arrows of Fury Arrows of Fury

 Автор: Riches Anthony

 Серия: Empire

Обложка книги Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

 Автор: Боуден Оливер

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood — это роман по мотивам одноимённой игры. Роман является прямым сиквелом другой книги — Assassin's Creed: Renaissance того же писателя, Оливера Боудена. На это раз Эцио отправляется в некогда великий Рим. В городе процветает нищета, коррупция и жестокость. Но грядут перемены! Эцио Аудиторе да Фиренце восстановит Рим и уничтожит семью Борджиа!

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