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Название: We / Мы. Книга для чтения на английском языке

Жанр(ы): Проза, Русская классическая проза, ,
Издательство: Каро
Год издания:
ISBN: 978-5-9925-1373-8


Предлагаем вашему вниманию роман-антиутопию Евгения Замятина «Мы». Роман, написанный в 1920 году, известен читателям благодаря гротескному исполнению идеи социализма, элементам блестящей сатиры, цель которого – заставить людей задуматься о том, к чему ведет слепое поклонение идеологии.

Действие романа разворачивается приблизительно в тридцать втором веке и описывает общество жесткого тоталитарного контроля над личностью.

Topics: A Proclamation. The Wisest of Lines. A Poem

Topics: Ballet. Square Harmony. X

Topics: Coat. Wall. Tables

Topics: A Savage with a Barometer. Epilepsy. If

Topics: Square. The Rulers of the World. A Pleasantly Useful Function

Topics: An Incident. The Damned “It’s Clear”. Twenty-four Hours

Topics: An Eyelash. Taylor. Henbane and Lilies of the Valley

Topics: Irrational Root. R-13. Triangle

Topics: Liturgy. Iambics and Trochees. A Cast-Iron Hand

Topics: A Letter. A Membrane. My Shaggy Self

Topics: No, I cannot, I’ll simply write, without a plan

Topics: The Limitation of Infinity. An Angel. Reflections on Poetry

Topics: Fog. Thou. An Utterly Absurd Incident

Topics: “Mine”. Impossible. The Cold Floor

Topics: The Bell. The Mirror-Smooth Sea. I Am to Burn Eternally

Topics: Yellow. Two-Dimensional Shadow. Incurable Soul

Topics: Through the Glass. I Am Dead. Corridors

Topics: A Logical Jungle. Wounds and Plaster. Never Again

Topics: The Infinitestimal of the Third. Order. A Scowling Glance Over the Parapet

Topics: Discharge. The Material of Ideas. Zero Crag

Topics: Congealed Waves. Everything Is Being Perfected. I Am a Microbe

Topics: Flowers. The Dissolution of a Crystal. If Only

Topics: The Limit of Function. Easter. To Cross Out Everything

Topics: Descent from Heaven. The Greatest Catastrophe in History. The Known Is Ended

Topics: The World Exists. A Rash. 41° Centigrade

Topics: None – Impossible

Topics: Two Women. Entropy and Energy. The Opaque Part of the Body

Topics: Threads on the Face. Sprouts. Unnatural Compression

Topics: The Final Number. Galileo’s Mistake. Would It Not Be Better?

Topics: I Do Not Believe. Tractors. A Human Splinter

Topics: No outline, hurriedly, the last

Topics: The Excused Ones. Sunny Night. Radio Valkyrie

Topics: In a Hoop. A Carrot. A Murder

Topics: Blank Pages. The Christian God. About My Mother

Topics: An Infusorian. End of the World. Her Room

Topics: I don’t know – perhaps only one: A Discarded Cigarette

Topics: Facts. The Bell. I Am Certain

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