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Название: The Shadow Hunter
Серия книг: The Phoenix Chronicles

Жанр(ы): Детективы, Шпионский детектив, Триллер
Издательство: Green E-Books
Год издания:


Former black ops agent Brady Hawk is enjoying his new life with his growing family on a ranch in Montana. Then the former head of the CIA pays Hawk a visit to discuss a dangerous assignment: extracting one of Hawk’s Navy SEAL friends stuck in Siberian Russia. Unwilling to leave his pal behind enemy lines, Hawk agrees to accept the mission. But when he arrives in Russia, he finds that everything isn’t as it seems while uncovering a secret that could have far-reaching implications on the country’s national security. Desperate to complete his mission and return home, Hawk must overcome unforgiving terrain while being hunted by Russia’s intelligence agency to not only save his country but also save his life.

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