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Название: Icequake
Серия книг: Icequake

Жанр(ы): Фэнтези, Научная Фантастика, Приключения, Приключения
Издательство: Venture Press
Год издания:


“Goddamn it, Al, this is life or death, not some picky little contract problem. We sure want you on our side, but if you don’t want to go along, we’ll fucking well make you go along.”

A group of 27 scientists and explorers are stranded in Antarctica.

Residing in a station known as Shackleton, they are studying the seismic activity of the region. An eruption of the nearby volcano, Mount Erebus, soon sends quakes throughout the continent with devastating results.

All radio communication has been disabled by the breakdown of the magnetic field. Evacuation is unlikely. No one knows whether they survived the icequake, and their station is now moving 2 kilometres north each day with the strong aftershocks. They are on their own, with limited food and resources.

Do they stay put and risk being caught in the next series of icequakes and avalanches? Or do they pack up and trek over dangerous territories to the neighbouring station?

Icequake is a gripping and prophetic sci-fi disaster novel, full of excitement and danger in every chapter.

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Kilian Crawford
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