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MacDonald John D - книги автора

Творчество автора (MacDonald John D) представлено в следующих жанрах:
Проза, Современная проза, Детективы, Криминальный детектив, Фэнтези, Детективная фантастика, Юмористическая фантастика, Детектив, Детективы и Триллеры, Классический детектив, Триллер
Творчество автора (MacDonald John D) представлено в следующих сериях книг:
Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine
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Обложка книги A Flash of Green A Flash of Green

 Жанр: Проза, Современная проза

In A Flash of Green John D. MacDonald brings his storytelling magic to a larger and more ambitious theme than any he has yet considered. The question is this: Can a town resist the pressures of irresponsible get-rich-quick operators, or arc “progress” and crowding and ugliness inevitable? The answers strike deep into one particular community’s roots and arouse some strong emotions — from acrimonious town meetings to blackmail, assault, and even attempted murder. The scene is a beautiful and unspoiled Florida Gulf Coast town, with beaches, fishing, and wild life close at band. But some real-estate promoters descend with a plan to fill in part of the bay and throw up hundreds of jerry-built houses. It means the ultimate destruction of every natural beauty that has meant so much to the townspeople. The proposal is presented so enticingly, with so many financial opportunities for everyone, that the majority is won over. But they have a stiff battle on their hands from the opposition: the conservationists and the few farsighted people who can see the suburban slums of the future in the making. As the tension mounts, friends become enemies and lovers fall out of love. In an explosive climax one man dares to resist the malevolent local politician who is the power behind the scenes. John D. MacDonald has written a fast-paced exciting story that has something important to say to every American who cares about the community he lives in.

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Обложка книги A Key to the Suite A Key to the Suite

 Жанр: Проза, Современная проза

In this swift and striking novel, John D. MacDonald examines the ferment of a big-time convention — the plots, the savage maneuverings, the dreadful ease with which a man or a dream can be destroyed.

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Обложка книги Get Thee Behind Me... Get Thee Behind Me...

 Жанр: Детективы, Криминальный детектив

It is not often that an author spices a story with two heroes. One was George Cooper doing a quiet job in a quiet way. The other was Allan Farat, a sleek debonair hood who killed for pleasure. Around this dichotomy, John D. MacDonald has woven an exotic tale of deception that challenges the memories of a woman in love.

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Обложка книги S*E*V*E*N S*E*V*E*N

 Жанр: Проза, Современная проза

SEVEN TO REMEMBER... ANDREA — a girl who took everything her lover had to give her, and then took more... WYATT — a man drowning in his own success, grasping at one final moment of pleasure... NORRIE — who was so innocent and so trusting, and who was so cruelly used... HOWIE — who found that your best friend could cut your heart out... ELLIE — who laughed and laughed, and needed and wanted The Cure... ALDO — who pursued desire and was the victim of his own triumphs... and SAM DAVIS, feeling his way through the ghostly corridors of “The Annex,” wondering: is there life here, is there death, is there love? John D. MacDonald is surely one of the most widely enjoyed writers of his time. With more than 60 books to his credit, and more than 40 million copies of them printed, he has a devoted audience in this country and throughout the world. The words “craftsmanship” and “suspense” occur again and again in critical appraisals of his work. He is truly a masterful storyteller. His fabulously successful TRAVIS McGEE series has run through dozens of printings and reprintings — and there are more on the way. Of the stories in this volume, four are from PLAYBOY, and three have never before been published.

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Обложка книги Slam the Big Door Slam the Big Door

 Жанр: Проза, Современная проза

Beneath the relaxed exterior of their lush beach life — the year-round sun tans, the unmeasured cocktails, the casual embraces — there pulses an insistent, blood-warm note of violence, of unspeakable desire... Before the story is done, the pulse has run wild...

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Обложка книги The Girl, the Gold Watch and Everything The Girl, the Gold Watch and Everything

 Жанр: Фэнтези, Детективная фантастика, Юмористическая фантастика

Somewhere at this moment Bonny Lee and Kirby are driving someone mad, and enjoying every moment of it. If you have ever had a yeasty yearning for complete freedom and complete immunity, you will covet something those two have. This book will tell you what to look for, and how to use it if you can steal it. Best of luck. In this book, John D. MacDonald turns from suspense to A story of fanta... This book is about a mysteri... This is a novel of wild adventu... If Thorne Smith and Mickey Spillane had collaborated on... Sheesh! It’s a story — by one of America’s great storytellers. Read it.

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Обложка книги The Good Old Stuff The Good Old Stuff

 Жанр: Детективы, Детектив

The Good Old Stuff is a selection of thirteen of John D. MacDonald’s best mystery stories written between 1947 and 1952, at the beginning of his career. While many readers know about MacDonald’s success from recent books such as Cinnamon Skin, Free Fall in Crimson and The Empty Copper Sea, few but the hardcore mystery addicts remember when MacDonald wrote for magazines.

The Good Old Stuff has been chosen carefully to give readers a taste of his early best and to show the range of his abilities in the mystery genre. “The Simplest Poison” is a straight detective story, “Miranda” psychological suspense, “Noose for a Tigress” a real thriller. “Murder for Money” gives us an early glance at the Travis McGee prototype. In “Breathe No More” and “From Some Hidden Grave” you will see an even more recognizable Travis McGee hero in Park Falkner.

Contemporary MacDonald readers and Travis McGee fans will delight in recognizing these precursors to Travis McGee; and mystery readers who remember them when they first appeared will remark on that extraordinary talent for storytelling, which is as apparent in his early stories as it is in his recent novels.

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Обложка книги The Last One Left The Last One Left

 Жанр: Детективы, Криминальный детектив

There was the heat of money. There w as the heat of wanting. There was the heat of the Bahamas and Golden Coast of Florida after the season had ended. Texas money had gone to the Bahamas by pleasure boat for a dirty purpose. Enough unrecorded cash to change a dozen lives, or end them, and the scent of it was carried on the hot tropic winds. This is a novel about the half- people, the twisted ones who caught that scent and devised a merciless plan, and it is about the whole people, the compassionate ones who find themselves in the way of the brutal mechanisms of greed and are either destroyed by it, or become stronger than before. Here are the boat people, the land-grabbers, the displaced Cubans, the swingers, the fun people, the con artists, the shrewd, the silly, the romantic, the idealistic, all of them caught up into an inevitable pattern of violence, suspicion, fear and despair that reaches from Nassau to Brownsville, Texas, from Havana to Dinner Key, from Miami to the empty silence of the Great Bahama Bank. It all hinged on the survival of the broken girl, adrift and unconscious in a tiny boat on the giant blue river of the Gulf Stream. Many will read this novel as a very solid and persuasive story of suspense and adventure. But it has in addition, that distinctive power and style, that hidden resonance and purpose which the legions of MacDonald readers have come to except from him. To his new readers we can only say: this is a Book. It will stay with you a long, long time.

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Обложка книги Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, Vol. 57, No. 3. Whole No. 328, March 1971 Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, Vol. 57, No. 3. Whole No. 328, March 1971

 Серия: Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine

 Жанр: Детективы и Триллеры, Классический детектив

Обложки нет The Deep Blue Good-Bye

 Жанр: Детективы и Триллеры, Триллер

When I first arrived at Ballantine, where I am the mass market managing editor, we were just undergoing a daunting task: repackaging all of John D. MacDonald's Travis McGee novels. We were giving him a brand-new, beautiful look; ingeniously, we used a deep blue color for THE DEEP BLUE GOOD-BY, a gold color for A DEADLY SHADE OF GOLD, a lavender hue for THE LONG LAVENDER LOOK, etc. But as I worked on the actual stories themselves, I realized that as colorful as these books now are on the outside, they're even more colorful on the inside. In order to prepare these books, we had to have them retyped from scratch; some of these books are so old that the plates had died, so we had nothing to print from. So all the books had to be proofread as if they were new books, and what a joy it was working on them. I unexpectedly rediscovered an author and character I knew very little about. Travis McGee is one of the great characters in crime fiction, and John D. MacDonald a fascinating storyteller. You never know what either is going to do next, or say next; what is going on in their minds is as important, if not more so, then what is going on outside Travis's boat. All of which add up to a heckuva fun series.

Mark Rifkin, Managing Editorial

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